Sunday, November 23, 2008

Totals for shopping week of 11/16 - 11/22

This week I used sales, Proctor and Gamble coupons downloaded to Kroger card, Shortcuts downloaded to Kroger card, paper coupons and Meijer printed coupons from Meijer Mealbox.

Total Shelf Price:$340.18
Total Savings: $277.34
Total out of pocket!!!: $62.84
A little bit of time and effort involved but personally I think it's worth it!!!!

Meijer 11/22/67

This took 3 transactions because Meijer has only been doubling 2 dublicate coupons at one time. I had several Del Monte $1/4 and several .30/1 low salt. Not hard to do except when you buy this much as once. The oops you notice I didn't catch until I started posting all this so too late for me to deal with it. ALWAYS check stuff as it scans!

Transaction 1
Actually I messed up because I thought the peas/carrot mix was included in the Del Monte deal but it wasn't so oops!
1 Del Monte peas/carrots
1 Mardi Gras napkins
1 Del Monte sliced beets
1 Del Monte sliced carrots
4 Del Monte cream style corn
1 Del Monte whole kernal corn
2 Del Monte sauerkraut
2 Del Monte spinach
1 Del Monte sweet peas

Total Shelf: $16.08
Total Savings: $10.33
Total out of pocket: $5.75

Transaction 2
1 Huggies Baby Wipes
1 McCormick taco seasoning
1 McCormick salsa seasoning
1 Del Monte seasoned green beans (this was an oops too because it was listed as part of the Del Monte deal)
1 Meijer parmesan cheese
1 Meijer tortilla chips
1 Argo Corn starch
1 Lipton Tea bags
1 Del Monte potatos
1 Del Monte beets
2 Del Monte carrots
1 Del Monte sauerkraut
2 Del Monte spinach
1 Del Monte peas
1 Del Monte whole kernal corn
1 Knorr soup/dip mix (free with purchase of 2 Hellman's mayo)
2 Ragu Spag. sauce
1 Hefty kitchen bags
1 3lb bag onions
1 gallon Meijer 2% milk
2 Hellman's Mayo

Total Shelf Price: $45.99
Total Savings: $23.66
Total out of pocket: $22.33

Transaction 3
1 GG frozen potato
1 Wishbone salad dressing
1 Pillsbury Frozen Grands cinnamon rolls (free from Psst membership)
1 Dole complete salad mix (Free from Dole website game)
1 Value Time black pepper
3 GG Steamers frozen broccoli
1 GG Steamers green beans
1 GG Steamers mixed veggies
1 Melitta coffee filter (non bleached)
1 GG Steamers whole kernal corn
1 Kellogs Rice Krispies
1 Kellogs Fruit Loops

Total Shelf Price: $34.12
Total Savings: $28.83
Total out of pocket: $5.29

Kroger 11/22/08

Kroger's took 3 transactions because of the Philly cream cheese and an 2 coupons I had for Private Selection Ice that were going to expire 11/23. Not being sure of what the next weeks ads would be in definate I wanted the best deal.

Transaction 1:
6 Philly Cream Cheese 4/$5.00
1 Kraft Cool Whip .99

3 .50/2 which doubled
1 Free Cool Whip with purchase of 3 Kraft items/ Philly was on list
Total Shelf : $13.39
Total Savings: $8.89
Total Out of Pocket: $4.50 (66% savings)
A Catalina printed out for the Philly purchase of $3.00 off your next order.

Transaction 2
2 boxed Green Giant limas
4 boxed GG brussel sprouts
2 boxed GG spinach
2 boxed GG peas
3 4pk Cottonelle toilet paper
1 Kroger coffee creamer
1 Kroger Mericheno cherries
1 Private Selection Wheat Bread (marked down to .99)
2 DanActive Yogurts (marked down to .75 each)
1 Friskies can cat food
1 10.5 oz Kroger marshmellows
1 1/2 gallon Private Selection Ice Cream
1 Huggies Pull Ups 29 count
1 2liter Big K Cola
1 2liter Big K Dt. Cola

Total Coupons I Used: $15.00 (this includes downloaded to Kroger card Shortcuts q's)
5 Green Giant .50/2 frozen boxed veggies
1 $1/1 Private Selection Ice Cream
2 .50/1 DanActive
3 .50/1 Cottonelle
1 $2/1 Huggies
Total Shelf Price: $48.62
Total Savings: $29.86 (62% savings)
Total out of pocket: $18.76

Transaction 3 (I had to do this one seperate because I couldn't use 2 of the ice cream coupons in one transaction)
1 Private Selection Ice Cream
Shelf Price: $2.50 (on sale 2/$5)
Total Savings:$2.49
Total out of pocket: $1.50