Thursday, March 26, 2009

More free green stuff

Now if your like me the first thing you would have thought of would have been money! HAH! Made ya look :)

Actually it's free flower bulbs! has a special right now that if you purchase 80 you will get 80 free. $9.99 including shipping it appears!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Trees and Plants

I came across this from Mercedes over at CommonSensewithMoney. This is really a kewl idea y'all. This company not only rescues unsold trees and plants at nurseries but employees people with disabilities to pack them. All you have to do is pick your plants and pay for packing and shipping! Imagine getting 2 Red Maples 15"-18" for $7.95. That's your shipping! What a way to help the economy and beautify your landscape!! Go to Free Trees and Plants and check them out!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kroger run 3/21/09

I know I am going to have friends that are going to look at the cat litter and baby wipes and say ummm just how many of these do you go through. For those friends that are still doubting Thomas's this is the perfect example of buying up on items that normally cost a small fortune. I got 30lbs of the cat litter for $1.46. For that price I can live without clumping litter!!!! And the baby wipes I actually made money on because I had a $5 off 3 q and they were on the Mega Deal last week. Between these and the wipes I bought last week at the Walgreens/Huggies Q deal we don't need wipes for some time!!!!

Total Shelf Price: $87.20
Total Savings: $57.38
Total Out of Pocket: $29.82

On a note about the toilet paper. I read yesterday on several message boards that Cottonelle 4 packs were strangely missing from Kroger shelves in the Ohio/N. Kentucky regions. Guess what. There was NO Cottonelle on our shelves and there was NO price tag to be found anywhere. For those of you that were really able to make the best of this savings while it lasted be glad!!! I do believe we may have seen the last of FREE toilet paper! I hope not but.....

Meijer run 3/21/09

Total Shelf Price: $187.51
Total Savings: $136.55
Total OUT OF POCKET: $50.96

Well I wasn't able to get this posted last night. Yesterday was a busy day! We got a new couch (well new to us) from the neighbors. Ended up finding a younger couple that wanted our older one so had to wait on them. Sarah and I did the shopping yesterday. Do you know I had more older women walking past us just laughing away at my struggles with groceries and a toddler (who tends to be wild as a monkey after shopping for too long!) !!!! They thought it was down right hilarious ;) That and I'm guessing they had all been through it themselves. At Meijer yesterday I finally had to give in and use two carts to keep the miniature monkey from destroying the packages in the first buggy. Yes, it can be done if you are a contortionist.

Anyways, I can't help but think shopping was a great day savings wise. No there aren't any major meat items and NO I did not pay a dime for the Betty Crocker Warm Delights. Wouldn't have bought them if I had to pay for them :) And shhh, don't mention the additional hot sauce to Art. I just can't pass up free hot sauce for some reason!!! Yes, I know I have hot sauce issues :)Notice the single lonesome tube of AquaFresh toothpaste. That tube was the ONLY tube left in the store at the time of my shopping. I have such a beef over these stores not having/ordering enough product to handle these sales. That's another post though.