Friday, November 7, 2008

Kroger Mega Deal

I did a Kroger run on Wed. 11/5/08 with my Mom to maximize on savings with the Seniors discount of 10% . I have listed the Mega Deal items first with the coupons I used for that then the non Mega Deal items and the coupons used for those. My Kroger's will double up to .50 unless coupon states otherwise.

Kroger Mega Deal items
2 packs O-Cello sponges
2 packs O-Cello scrub pads
8 Glade candle refills
1 Pillsbury Cake Mix
1 Pillsbury Frosting
2 Smuckers Preserves
1 Hefty Storage Bag
4 Claim Jumper meals
2 Tylenol PM Rapid Release Gels
4 Tylenol Rapid Release Tablets
2 Superpretzel
14 Carnation Evaporated milk
1 Early California Black olive
1 Armour Meat Balls
1 Nestle Morsel
2 5lb package Domino Sugar
2 Land O Lake 1lb butter packages3 3bar pack Dial soap
Kroger non Mega Deal items
1 9oz package Kroger frozen spinach .09
1 Herbal Essence shampoo - free
1 Herbal Essence conditioner – free
1 Kroger flour tortilla 1.24
2 Kroger pecan twirls 2.00
1 Kroger saltines .99
2 Gillette Sensor disposable razors free
1 Pork roast 4.44
1 Hershey extra dark bar .50
2 Big K cola .69 each
2 2lb packages Tennesse Pride sausage 1.99 each - these were on close out.
1 Kroger can coffee free
1 qt. Kroger milk – not pictured 1.25
1 Kroger Nice and Soft 6 pack double roll toilet paper 2.54
½ loaf Bunny Bread .79

Coupons used:
Mega Deal
2 $1/2 O-Cello
4 Buy One Get One Free + $3/3, $2/2 (be sure to give the 3/3 and 2/2 before you hand over the BOGO’s
1 .40/1 Pillsbury Cake Mix
2 .35/1 Smuckers
1 .35/1 Hefty (this was a peely on the box)
2 .50/2 Claim Jumper meals
2 $2/1 Tylenol PM
4 $2/1 Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release
1 $1/2 Superpretzel
7 .50/2 Carnation Evaporated milk
1 $1/1 Armour Meat Balls
1 .75/1 Nestle Morsel
1 .50/1 Domino Sugar
1 .35/1 Domino Sugar
2 .55/1 Land O Lake butter
3 .30/1 Dial soap
Non Mega Deal
1 .35/1 Kroger frozen vegetable
1 $3/2 Herbal Essence
1 BOGO Herbal Essence P&G eSaver on my Kroger card
2 $3/1 Gillette Sensor 3 Razor
2 $3/1 Gillette Sensor 3 Razor P&G eSaver on my Kroger card
1 $1/1 Hershey Dark bar
1 FREE Kroger coffee
1 .75/1 Kroger Nice and Soft
1 .25/1 Bunny Bread

Now the kicker to this is $44.03 WAS NOT part of the Kroger Mega Deal.

I did 2 transactions total. That means 3 Mega Deals in first transaction and 1 Mega Deal in 2nd transaction along with non-deal items.

70 Pieces total
Total: $197.60
Total Savings: $160.64
Total Out of Pocket: $36.96

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sat. Nov. 2nd Kroger/Meijer run

Today's run was Meijers (not impressive) then to Krogers. I did get Huggie's wipes for .39 for an 80 count box at Meijers. As I was headed to the baby dept I noticed a display that looked like it was left over but it still had some store coupons left on it for $1 off Huggies wipes. I grabbed one but noticed on the bottom it said not to be used with any other discount coupon. I figured what the hey I would try it anyways! At checkout I did the Meijer store coupon first on the wipes then an additional manufacturer for .50 which doubled! Whoo hoo it worked!

Meijers run:
Chuck roads 2.79lb/4.88 (red meat in this house is a treat and this wasn't too bad of a buy)
Western Style ribs 1.19lb/3.36
2 cans mushrooms .60/1.20
1 Huggies wipes 2.39
I used the 2 coupons for Huggies at 2.00 off
Total: 12.66
Savings: 2.78
Out of pocket: 9.88

Krogers. We do try to avoid boxed food as much as possible but there are times the convenience is just needed.
3 boxes Hamburger Helper
9 boxes Betty Crocker Instant potatoes
1 Quaker Quick Oats
10 Halloween decorations reduced (these were supposed to be marked down to .20 each)
1 dozen eggs
1 Jumbo pack Huggies Pull Ups
1 Kroger coffee creamer

Used the following coupons:
9/.35 Betty Crocker (These had the HH peelies for free boxes!)
3/FREE boxes Hamburger Helper w/purchase of the 9 boxes.
1/1.50 Pampers
1/.75 Quaker
1/.50 P&G eSaver coupon on Kroger card
$5.00 off automatically for Mega Event

And 7 of the 10 Halloween decorations rang up wrong so I got back $8.40 when I went to customer service to bring it to their attention. The clerk checked it out and just refunded the entire amount back for what rang up wrong!

Total Shelf: $69.15
Total Savings: $53.38
Total out of pocket: $15.77