Thursday, January 1, 2009

P&G/Kroger card loadable coupons ready to load!

I just went over to the P&G page on Krogers. It isn't showing that the new coupons are up yet but if you log in you can get to the new loadable q's. Several of the same from the last round but some new one's too! Going to be very helpful with the P&G deals this week.

Preparations for 2009

Now mind you I am one of the most disorganized people you will meet. I can sit down at a perfectly neat desk and within seconds it will look like a bomb went off! That's one thing that makes couponing so challenging but hey I most certainly haven't given up yet! I feel like a newbie I was pretty darned successful this year even if I am a work in progress!

Below are some suggestions in my feeble attempt of organizing life!

1. If you haven't done so yet I recommend utilizing the next few days getting things in order for couponing and saving this year. Go through your coupon books and pull all the expired out. I try to do this every Sun. morning before opening the paper but the past couple of weeks have been crazy. Between the families personal stock and Club Coupon I think we could have started a bon fire!
2. Check expiration dates on dry goods, frozen foods and the obvious. I don't care who you are you can get cans mixed up and pushed to the back. If by chance you do come across some and your concerned you won't be able to utilize them don't forget about your local food bank. They have been depleted greatly this year and can continue to use our help!
3. Regarding household stockpiles. If you have found you are running out of room for items it's time to rotate the shelves for sure! For those items you need to clear out check out local charities. Personally I use a local women's shelter. These items can still be counted to tax deductions as well. I will post more about this later but be SURE to get a receipt from the charity you donate to. Any of them will be glad to give you one but you usually have to request it.
4. 2009 expectations. I'm not a big fan of resolutions. I've never been able to keep them and then I let myself down. I don't like that feeling so I quit making them years ago. What I do like to do is make a list of things I would like to see take place this year. Changes that I feel I need to make in myself, budgeting ideas, household organizing or redecorating, even to the point of would I like to read more (Mommy time... wow! Now there is a new concept!). LOL ummm would that make these resolutions, yeah I suppose so but I REFUSE TO GIVE IN AND CALL THEM THAT!
Regarding budgeting and shopping for the coming year these are a few things I would like to see myself achieve.
a. Keep better track of receipts
b. Monthly out of pocket spending and saving
c. Utilize an even smaller budget than 2008
d. Staying caught up with the families personal coupons, clipping, expiring

What are some things you would like to see take place in your life this year?

Well it's time for me to move on to the next portion of my day. We still have more family coming over so more Christmas to celebrate. We are truly blessed to have such a large family and to have so much to share!


Stockpile photos!

I've been skipping through blogs this morning and came across Jane4Girls800dollarannualbudget! Lets go shop at her store! I wonder if she doubles coupons? She is doing a Smart Shopper giveaway as well here. She has a YouTube video posted that explains what this handy little gadget is.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Thanks to Rachel over at I have some CVS info update!
Free at CVS for January!
Don't forget to use the coupons listed below so that you can actually MAKE money!
NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray 1.52 oz. = $7.99Earn $7.99 ECBs (limit 2)Children’s Throat Cooler Ice Pops 6 ct. = $4.99Earn $4.99 ECBs (limit 2)Nutra Trim Weight Management Chewing Gum 48 ct. = $3.99Earn $3.99 ECBs (limit 2)
Coupon Links:
BOGO Throat Coolers. Get it here.
Nasgel Drip Free Gel Spray, $2.oo off. Get it here.

Sunday coupon inserts 1/4/09

This is the first time in 2 weeks I have finally had a chance to sit down at the computer and dig. Woohoo HAPPY NEW YEAR! LOL if someone had told me even 5 years ago this is how I would be spending my New Years I would have laughed at them! Ah but I am loving it actually. The house is quiet and I have some time on here. It's driving me crazy trying to figure out what might happen with the ads on Sun. I didn't start getting into the coupon craze until around May of 08 so not sure how they handle the first quarter. Of course I don't know if any of us really are sure as to what is going to be happening with what all is going on with the economy! SAVING that much I do know! Every trip to the grocery store I see more people being cautious and looking for deals!

I have found that in the Cincinnati region (which sometimes reflects this area in KY) that there are going to be 5 inserts in papers. Check out Jamie over here and then just a few min. ago I found this at! We are going to be very busy coupon cutters this weekend!

Don't forget to check out Club Coupon! Starting Jan. 1st we will be offering 1 month free membership with the purchase of 1 month! That is up to 160 coupons for $5.00! 20 coupons per week for 8 weeks!

It's hard to believe but it's the last day of the year!

This is going to be another quick post as things are winding down for the year. We have been going through expiring coupons and I think we have enough to reprint several papers :) Between what was clipped and not clipped I thought I was going to go mad! We need to be prepared for Sunday though. If I understand correctly there are going to be double inserts in the paper.
I've been doing the coupon/grocery game since around May. I have to send out a thanks to my dear friend Dana for getting all this started! She is the one that introduced to me and got the ball rolling! It can still be overwhelming to me at times but I do feel like going into 2009 I have a much better grip on things. I still cring at the thought of having to deal with Walgreens and my local CVS still rocks! Next year I'm going to start taking on the challenges of Target I believe. I see so many good deals on posts and I get envious letting them slip through my hands. The store is so close there really is no excuse to let this happen!
One of my main goals this year (some of you may laugh) is getting my toddler potty trained. I was one of those mothers that thought "oh how tough can this be with daycare working with me and STUFF"! WHAT WAS I THINKING! I have heard an old wives tail that it is best to try in the spring time! If you have any tips or tricks please please please leave a comment! I so want to get out from under the cost of Pull Ups (or whatever brand is on deal).
I would also like to become more organized. HAH! I have been compared to a moth at a light at times! My head just get's going faster than my feet will go so I end up spinning in circles. However I do continue to try to improve. I just try to do too much at one time! What is really funny is I will look up and my daughter is going behind me shutting doors and shaking her head! She is ONLY 28months!
Speaking of spinning I've got to run for now. My posts are going to get back to being more informative and linking to deals to help us all out more. I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!