Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's hard to believe but it's the last day of the year!

This is going to be another quick post as things are winding down for the year. We have been going through expiring coupons and I think we have enough to reprint several papers :) Between what was clipped and not clipped I thought I was going to go mad! We need to be prepared for Sunday though. If I understand correctly there are going to be double inserts in the paper.
I've been doing the coupon/grocery game since around May. I have to send out a thanks to my dear friend Dana for getting all this started! She is the one that introduced to me and got the ball rolling! It can still be overwhelming to me at times but I do feel like going into 2009 I have a much better grip on things. I still cring at the thought of having to deal with Walgreens and my local CVS still rocks! Next year I'm going to start taking on the challenges of Target I believe. I see so many good deals on posts and I get envious letting them slip through my hands. The store is so close there really is no excuse to let this happen!
One of my main goals this year (some of you may laugh) is getting my toddler potty trained. I was one of those mothers that thought "oh how tough can this be with daycare working with me and STUFF"! WHAT WAS I THINKING! I have heard an old wives tail that it is best to try in the spring time! If you have any tips or tricks please please please leave a comment! I so want to get out from under the cost of Pull Ups (or whatever brand is on deal).
I would also like to become more organized. HAH! I have been compared to a moth at a light at times! My head just get's going faster than my feet will go so I end up spinning in circles. However I do continue to try to improve. I just try to do too much at one time! What is really funny is I will look up and my daughter is going behind me shutting doors and shaking her head! She is ONLY 28months!
Speaking of spinning I've got to run for now. My posts are going to get back to being more informative and linking to deals to help us all out more. I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

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