Monday, June 1, 2009

$6.00 off pork "The Other White Meat" w/purchase of Kingsford and other item listed

I just came across this coupon from

Get $6.00 off pork when you purchase 13.5lbs of either Kingsford or Kingsford Match Light Charcoal and one (1) of the following:

Ball Park Franks,
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
Glad Product, KC Masterpiece
Vlasic pickles or relish

Now it is also showing a picture of the Wet Ones logo so I'm taking a wild guess that those would work too even though they aren't actually printed on the list. That or I'm missing some which wouldn't surprise me either :)

I know right now there is the Free KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce when you purchase Kingsford and the Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing coupon that is out there. Personally I would love to see Vlasic come out with another one of their kickin' coupons like that had last summer. What was that like $1/1 or $1.50/1 or something. It was awesome I do know that.

Anyways, happy grillin y'all!