Saturday, November 22, 2008

CVS Week of Nov. 16th - 22nd

I made a couple of stops early in the week at CVS to take advantage of the Loreal deal and start rolling some ECBs I had left over. This is quite a long post so bear with me!

CVS was crazy this week and I have quite a few ECB's to roll over for next week. The week of Thanksgiving there are supposed to be some incredible deals. I'm going to be making some recommendations later today on how to make the most out of the ECBs you can gain.

I went in with $19.59 in ECBs (extra care bucks) and $2.51 on a gift card.

1 Loreal Age Perfect Moisturizer - $15.99
1 Glade oil burning refil - $3.99
1 Glade Plug In with fan - $7.99
Coupons and ECB's I used:
1 $1/1 Loreal
1 Glade buy one refill get one Plug in Free
$19.58 in ECB's
Total Shelf: $32.53 (remember this always includes tax)
Total Savings: $31.57
Total used on gift card: .96
No out of pocket expense and I got back $20.99 in ECBs.

Time for the Duracell deal and MORE Glade. This one was buy $20.00 in Duracell batteries and get $15.00 in ECBs. I lucked out with the tear pads at my CVS location and had 2 of those (save $5.00/2) to use as well as the one's from the paper which were .75/1. Now by the time I got to CVS the 8 count AA packs that were on sale for $5.99 had already been picked over and but I still did ok.

1 9V 2 count pack $5.99/1
2 4 pk Digital AA packs $5.99/1
1 Duracell Ultra AA $5.99/1 (These rang up $8.99 but the clerk discounted it to the $5.99
without me even asking)
2 Glade Oil candle burners at $5.49/1
Coupons I used were:
2 .75/1 Duracell
2 $5.00/2 Duracell Tear Pad coupon
1 Glade Buy One Get One Free coupon = $5.49
$16.99 in ECB's
Total Shelf Price: $45.89
Total Savings: $44.48 (remember she took $3.00 off one battery automatically)
Total Out of Pocket: $1.41 and I walked out again with $20.00 dollars in ECB's

Transaction 1
8 Glade Glass scents $5.00/2 (they had been out of these until today)
2 13oz Maxwell House Coffee BOGO free $4.99/2
1 Essence of Beauty Scrunchy Bathy Sponge thingy $2.99/1
Coupons I used:
4 BOGO Glade Glass scents
1 .75/2 Maxwell House Coffee
1 $2.00/1 Essence of Beauty item (you find these in the Rejuvenating Beauty magazine they sell for .99 which makes it a big saver) (This is also a filler that kept me from losing .99 in ECBs)
ECBs $15.00

Total Shelf: $39.65
Total Savings: $39.06
Total Out of Pocket: .59

Transaction 2
2 Glade Oil Refills
2 Glade Oil Candle Burners
2 Glade Oil Plug Ins
1 Blade solid deodorant
Coupons I used:
2 Buy one Glade Oil refill get one Glade Plug in Free
1 BOGO Glade Oil Candle Burner
1 $2/1 Blade (from Rejuvenating Beauty mag) (Filler)
ECBs $14.96
Total Shelf Price: $38.60
Total Savings: $37.43
Total Out of Pocket: $1.17
Gained $16.00 in ECBs

Transaction 3 (Another Duracell deal on another CVS card)
4 4 pack AA batteries
Coupons I used:
2 $5/2 CVS tear pad coupons
3 .75/1 Duracell coupons from Sunday inserts
$15.00 in ECBs
Total Shelf Price: $21.32
Total Out of Pocket: .58
Total Savings: $20.74
Gained another $15.00 in ECBs

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