Monday, January 5, 2009

Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act

I received an email this morning from CommonSensewithMoney. I hadn't noticed anything about it lately which I am ashamed to admit but ah well. This is going to impact more people than we realize because anything like this has a trickle down effect. You can read (and please do so) more at Baby Cheapskate, The Simple Dollar and Blissfully Domestic. I'm sitting here looking at my daughters hand made solid wood rocking horse realizing it is now a treasure to hold on to. Not that it wasn't in the past but I know the family friend that made this himself will no longer be making these things! I need to read more about this but it's something that has me torn just from what little I have read this morning. Yes I want things tested and my daughters safety is of utmost importance. However I know how Jim makes his things and I know they are safe. Yet you wouldn't because you don't know him. Also the testing process is expensive! Something else to keep in mind is something I heard about early on in 2008. If the report I heard is correct the group that does all this testing is sorely limited to personnel. For some reason I keep thinking that there are only a handful of people available to actually do the testing. Unless something has changed can you imagine how much more backed up and behind testing is going to become???? If you know something more about this please please feel free to contact me with the information. I truly believe knowledge is power so before I can make any decisions about anything I need more information. I think there is a lot more we need to look into!

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