Monday, February 9, 2009

Utility bills and Community Action

Let's face it, time's are tough and they are getting tougher it appears. Many of us are incredible with grocery/household needs savings. There is no doubt about the money we are able to save and create! We all need to stand up and give ourselves a round of applause because it is not easy being this diligent and getting our families trained on this savings program. Even with all this money can still run short. Especially with winter utility bills running up, up and up. It amazes me how our heating bill has jumped in the winter. We have done all the insulating of outlets and windows, yes we use the little curly q light bulbs (still haven't decided that they really save except for the fact they don't blow like traditional bulbs) and we have now gotten used to keeping the thermostat on 69 degrees. Which in my opinion simply STINKS! However, I am adjusting. Painfully and with a fight I am adjusting LOL. Yes, I am a sissy girl when it comes to being overly cold or overly hot. It's a Thyroid thing. Art and Sarah have been fine with it so that just goes to show a little of my stubbornness :)

Even with all the cut backs and saving there are people out there that when those heating bills hit $200.00 and up are running in circles trying to figure out how to make that payment. If you OR someone you know (remember the elderly) are one of those people please contact your local Community Action Council. On this page you can find your state and local offices. I can't/won't promise that they will be able to assist you because it is based on income (which again stinks because they don't take into account many other factors) BUT it's worth a shot. You might be fine with your utilities but you might know someone else that needs assistance. Please help them out with this information.

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