Saturday, April 4, 2009

A 2 second 2 1/2 ft. tornado has struck our living room!

And now the practical joke is on me! I was in the kitchen last night working on some dinner when I heard the sound of the living room exploding! This is what I walked into! This tends to occur a couple of times a week. Unfortunately I didn't hear the warning signals before it happened! Then afterwards as "we" (Sarah and I) were picking things up she would pull 2 things out of the toy trolly for every 1 I would put in! :)


  1. Too funny! I remember those days! Enjoy them!!

  2. lol.
    This is how our house looks most of the time:-)

  3. She is an absolute hoot! My Mom was over yesterday and watched just the normal events that occur. Finally she said "no wonder you can't get anything done!". They do grow way to quick! We went to bed one night and she was an infant... woke up the next morning to a small child. As I always say my greatest accomplishment in this life is her.