Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little fishing practice

Easter Sunday Art and I took Sarah out to Jacobsons Park to try out some new fishing poles. He decided it was best to just let her test out her new Disney Princess fishing pole with only the little rubber sinker that came with it. I'm very grateful for this as I ended up getting smacked in the forehead with the sinker SEVERAL times! I would recommend parent's doing this with any new little fisherman they may have! It was still quite chilly on the water and originally we went to one end of the lake where the wind was coming off the water! HOLY COW THE WORMS FROZE! We ended up at the other end of the lake and had a good time! Sarah thought she was quite the stuff as she "cast and caught" those fish! Considering our location was most certainly not prime fishing Art did pretty well with 5 Sun fish and 1 small Catfish. The park ended up getting jammed up with families but it was still a wonderful inexpensive outting for the family! The worms I think cost $2.79?

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