Saturday, May 16, 2009

A kewl newly found blog for Target shoppers!

Unfortunately we don't have a super Target here in Lexington because from what I'm seeing they put out some pretty good deals! We do have two Targets in town, one clear over in Hamburg Place which considering my entire driving radius of my home is MAYBE 2 miles (Yeah like I'm driving clear over there) and then one not too far down the road from us. I haven't utilized their sales and clearance yet but I just found a new blog called Attention Target Shoppers. Now as usual I'm probably one of the last to know about this site but wanted to share the love anyways :) There appears to be some really good information on there and if it helps someone out then TAD DAH! Now the reason I'm gaining interest in Target deals is because I'm getting REALLY annoyed with Meijer and looking for some alternative if at all possible. That's another blog though!

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