Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tax time! Ewwwwwwwyyyyyyy!

Well it is that time again. Tax time! Fortunately most of us get money back instead of having to pay which is great! But even if you are on the receiving end of the money it is still a nerve racking hassle for most people. Yes I know some people are just born tax savvy but HAH not me! Years ago I went to those services that are out there down the street. I refuse to give them any credit at all so that's why I don't mention names. Now mind you there are some time's that they SHOULD be used to help protect yourself but even then I don't agree with the national chains. I myself love Turbo Tax. I actually use Intuits free online version called Tax Freedom. It is free depending on a few different factors including yearly income but I'm sure many people fit into the criteria. I have been very successful with it and it helps me to save the most possible and find deductions that I don't know about.
There is another program from Intuit that I like called It's Deductible. This is great for tracking all forms of donations! That includes all those wonderful free shampoo's, conditioner's, deodorant and toothpastes! Did you know that that stuff is a tax deduction? I love being able to donate to charities and it's a bonus if you can deduct it! It's Deductible is based on the IRS guidelines and helps to protect YOU from being audited!
Now I'm sitting here looking at what used to be my living room and now has become tornado central (remember we have a toddler!) I still get amazed at how many different places you can find crayons! Hope everyone has a great day!

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