Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sun. Jan. something, coupons for hours and oh look it's snowing outside and we are in for a winter storm.

Those are the words I hear echoing in the trees when Lexingtonians see one tiny snow flake coming out of the sky! For some reason here in central KY everyone has this mad desire to go wipe out every grocery store of beans, milk, bread and toilet paper as if they are going to starve in this mighty blizzard that is about to bestowed upon us! Never mind the fact that 90% of us will get up in the morning and trudge through the dreaded 1/4" of snow that we might get lucky enough to actually have on the ground to go to work! I really do get a kick out of going to the store at times like this just to watch people! Art, my other half is from up state NY and gets a very BIG kick out of all this adventure! Oh look it's starting to stick! Better go fill up the truck! LOL
I spent about 5 or 6 hours earlier today basically clipping coupons and sorting for the binder and the one's I want to mail out on my train. The last couple of weeks I have been very blessed with friends bringing me extra inserts and somehow I was completely overwhelmed with what I had! However I am caught up (for the most part as it always seems there are some coupon gremlins hiding more from me). I've been pretty lazy today but that's ok. It's been gray outside and the three of us have just hung out together. I sat down here to dig around and see if anyone had started posting deals they had located for the week and came across this blog from Pancakes/Diary of a new American. I ended up getting lost just reading about a few adventures she has had since coming to America. I can't imagine the culture shock of actually moving to a new country although I have visited several others. The difference was that I knew I would be returning home. It sounds as though she is loving life and her family and I think that's wonderful. Check it out if your willing to look at American life through her eyes and laugh at yourself!

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