Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kroger Run 1/29/09

One statement I hear from "non-couponers" or newbies is "I couldn't find any coupons in the paper that I will use". What they are doing is locking themselves in a box still. I literally clip every coupon my greedy little paws come across. Mind you I have a crafting paper cutter so that speeds the process but there are still coupons that I might not use. HOWEVER, now that we aren't limiting ourselves to certain brand names clipping coupons for items I didn't think I would ever use has become more and more valuable. For example my run below at Krogers this week. I don't believe in my life I have EVER bought a can of Rotel tomato's. With the deal this week though the coupon I had for them gave me a serious BANG to reach the required 10 items. Also the Snapple. Would I have ever put that in my shopping cart if I couldn't get such a great deal on it? NO WAY! As long as I can get the item(s) for just pennies or even better FREE then sure I will include it in my deal if it helps me to obtain my ultimate goal. Below is what I purchased on the Kroger buy 10 items get $5 off your order automatically. I have listed the items with pricing BEFORE coupons and before the $5 off.

4 Snapple $1.00 each regular price $1.59 without card.
1 Rotel tomato $1.00 each regular price $1.18 without card
5 Kraft cheese (these were the ones made with 2% milk so I could utilize the blinkie q.) $1.99 ea regular price without card $4.19.

Coupons I used were:
Snapple .75/1
Rotel .30/1 (doubled to .60)
Kraft cheese .75/1

Total Shelf Price: $28.49
Total Savings: $25.14 (this includes the Kroger card discounts)
Total out of pocket: $3.35 YEAH BABY!

Now I do want to make this note on purchasing items that you normally won't use. Please don't do it if it's not truly useful to you. Will I use the Rotel tomato's in place of a can of Hunts tomato's?, sure! Am I going to spend .50 on a can of dog food? NOPE... we don't have a dog. You don't have to be stuck using only Ronzoni pasta, others are fine if the pricing is right. I hope this all makes sense and if it doesn't please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below and I will get back to you! If you have had a successful run at the store this week please feel free to post!

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