Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I thought the stores were crazy yesterday!

this is just a quick post as much for my own entertainment as anything. So far the winter storm has mostly been ice. They say we got about 1 1/2 inches of snow last night (you folks up north can just quit laughing :) ) but the rest has a beautifully glistening COATING of ice! You know that feeling you get that is like living in an ice cube!? That's what is happening here. So far Lex. has been OK (knock on wood) but several surrounding counties are losing electric do to the trees coming down. Lex. had an ice storm come through that dropped 2 inches of ice on everything several years ago and just our side of the street was without power for 8 days. Now a lot of times there are things you can do to "make do" in that situation but my Mom was living here at the time and she is on an oxygen concentrator. Needless to say no I'm not having fun today. Anyways enough of my yabbering about our weather. I've got to do some digging around on the web to see if I can find anything that might help us all. I haven't done any shopping this week so nothing exciting happening there. Hope everyone stays warm!

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