Saturday, January 31, 2009

Links to freebies and coupons

I want to remind you that if you have the time (yeah, yeah I know) to sit down at the computer start emailing some of the companies whose products you use on a regular basis. Tell them thanks for their great product and if you want even ask that they might mail you some paper coupons. Many companies don't publish q's in the paper but will gladly mail you some. Often they are of higher value than you find in the paper as well! If your not sure how to go about this pick a manufacturer such as Celestial Seasonings (I just received 2 .50/1 and 1 FREE coupon from them). Go to the Contact Us page. There is usually going to be a form to fill out and a space for comments. Fill this in and watch your email box. Before receiving any coupons I generally get an email from the company saying they received my comment/request and that they would mail me some. IF there is no form for your mailing addy just put your email address in the correct locations (this will be offered) and they usually email you back asking for your mailing address.

I have taken some time this morning to dig up a few freebies and links for you if you happen to peruse this blog. Check out the links below!

$2 off any Aveeno product just sign up
Free Diet Dr. Pepper 20oz or 2 liter
Earth's Best Baby Foods coupons and more!
Sure deodorant for free I had a little problem with this link for some reason
Go here for over $31 in printable money saving coupons from Right @ Home (Thanks Crystal! )
Free subscription to Women's Day go here (Thanks Crystal!)

Sorry there isn't more for now. I'm going to dig around and see if I can figure out what might be happening next week! Please feel free to drop a comment or question!

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