Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kroger/Meijer ideas for week of 2/1/09

Please remember that there are more to these deals than what I'm just posting. This is just the stuff that I see out there that I'm interested in. If they were having better sales I would be more excited!

Just checking my grocery list from (please use as referal) and I see the following from Meijers this week that jump out at me.

Meijer canned veggies, select varieties (probably corn, green beans, peas) .33 each
3lb onions (10/10 with 11th free, remember to mix and match these things!) $1.00
Avacado's 10/10 = $1
Aunt Mids/Newstar leaf spinach 10/10 = $1
Organic Mushrooms 10/10 = $1
Meijer frozen veggies (select) 10/10 = $1
There are other items on this 10/10 11th free deal but this is what I'm interested in. I will probably get the following
2 3lb bags of onions
2 packages of mushrooms
2 bags of spinach
2 avocado's (can't help it love em!)
3 bags frozen veggies (if they have some other stuff on the deal that is fresh I'm going for that...craving some fresh fruit salad)
That means with 11 items I will pay .90 each which comes to 9.90. Doesn't thrill me for that total but it's ok. Not sure what coupons are to be printed from but going to check that out before I go too. Those coupons can be used along with manufacturer coupons!

Also at Meijer
Pork loin 1.79lb
Chuck eye roast or stead (ewww) 2.19lb

Kroger deals
Red or Anjou pears .88lb (yummy)

This is what I see on their buy 10 get $3 off deal I have listed sale price, coupon I have, price after deal discount in that order. Remember that Wed. is Senior extra discount day as well.
Ragu Sauce 1.58, .75/2, .91 each
Manwich 1.00, .50/2, .20 each
Chef Boyardee .88, .35/3, .35 each
Kroger coffee 36oz 5.49, 5.19 each
Pilsbury Grands biscuits 1.49, .25/1, .69
I'm not sure of quantities yet on this deal (not very excited about Kroger being so stingy this week)
Also that have Purdue ground turkey (don't knock it til you try it) at .99lb

Slone's on Southland drive has 10lb bags of chicken leg quarters at .48lb. Comes to $4.80 in case your wondering :)

Sav A Lot has 5lb bags of russets for .99!
Well I need more coffee and I'm hoping to confuse you pretty well with this :) Let me know if you have any questions.

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