Saturday, March 14, 2009

CVS Spring coupons

I made a trip to CVS yesterday (actually turned out good) and noticed as I went into the front doors they had a stack of what I believe is the spring coupons. I didn't see the CVS magazine anywhere just the coupons that they had set out with the rest of the weekly inserts. They were as follows:

24.7 Minerals $2.00/1
Vilogie $1/1
Vickery & Clarke $1/1
Softsoap ensembles $2/1
Blade $1/1
Veet $2/1
Oxy $1/1
Hershey's Bliss $1/1
Skin effects $2/1
Fruitopia $1/1
Cristophe $2/1

I was disappointed that they didn't have any of the $/1 CVS product q's. I usually end up using those like crazy! Anyways happy hunting everyone!

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