Monday, March 9, 2009

Excuse me sir but do you know you have a Purple Martin house that appears to be on steroids on your porch!

I have mentioned in the past our passion for bird watching and the pleasure it brings us. I have also mentioned Flying Ace's Birdhouse's which is his site for selling his creations. I have to show off one of Art's latest creations! He was commissioned by a man to build this 60 room condo (I can't help but call it that because it is so huge!) and he finished it up yesterday!

Art is just over 6' tall so you can see this thing is quite large! He designed it completely himself after reading the specifications suggested for attracting Purple Martins. It has special rigging so the customer can raise it up to the proper height on a pole specially designed for something this large! It has a special roof making the rigging easily accessible AND each layer is it's on separate layer making cleaning and storing (not to mention carrying!, trust me I had to help move the thing this morning!) easier. I personally think it's amazing and yes I'm biased but he has a true talent for this kind of stuff.

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