Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kreativ Blogger award! You love me!!!! You really, really love me!!! OK hold on I got carried away! JUST JOKING but Club Coupon did get nominated!

Major thanks to Rachel over at Our Frugal Experiment! She has nominated Club Coupon for the Kreativ Blogger award! We really do appreciate this Rachel! Rachel, Jason and I met early one Sunday morning before Christmas at the CVS in Southland here in Lex. It's still funny to me to be shopping along and the frugal alarms start going off! Rachel and I both were staring into each other's buggies trying to figure out if the other had gotten that one particular deal we thought we were going to miss! Thanks at that time to Rachel because she let me know about some $2.00 Right Guard coupons that were hiding inside the boxes! She is a very dedicated blogger that I can always go to as a local resource! Now she has nominated us for this! YEAH!

Ok this great award comes with 2 rules:
1. You must list 7 things you love!
2. You must nominate 7 other blogs for this award!

Tough stipulations hmmm LOL

7 Things I LOVE
1. The Great Spirit above
2. My family
3. The opportunity to be a Mom and not go through life never knowing or traveling this incredible road, no matter how tough it becomes at times. (Remind me of this one when she's driving me bonkers someone please!)
4. My friends
5. The sound of laughter, my own and others.
6. Spring flowers (Yes I am suffering from cabin fever!)
7. This gift of saving to be able to provide for my family in ways I would never have expected. (It came to us through a dear friend of mine Dana G. at a time that was extremely bleak) ^5 sister!

7 Blogs I recommend

1. Pancakes/Diary Of A New American
2. Poor Coupon Clipping Teacher
3. Thrifty Shopping Everyday life of a frugal Mom
4. Saving Everyday
5. Flying Ace's Birdhouses
6. Thrifty Florida Mama
7. survival cooking, gardening, homesteading and emergency preparedness information

Please don't forget to link back to choose and let them know via email or comment that they won!

Thanks again Racheal!

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  1. Thank you, guys,
    I am returning the love:-)